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Stories and reflections of food experiences that have shaped me.

Stuck on what to make for Sunday brekky? How about a montrosity of a CLUB SANDWICH?

So I thought that before I get started on my sauces today i might as well make a decent breakfast. The thing I didn’t give consideration to was the fact that this breakfast was probably going to put me right … Continue reading

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Condiments, condiments, condiments….

So no photos to show here, especially of me at this hour. It’s now 2:13am and i think ive spent around 16 hours in the kitchen today… What i have managed to achieve, besides breakfast, lunch, dinner and essential caffeine, … Continue reading

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Belgian Beer, Belgian Chocolate and an Unfortunate Lunch. Five hours in Brussels, Belgium.

I’m going to start profiling our recent trip to Europe. This is an easy one to profile as we stopped in Brussels for 5 hours on our train trip from Amsterdam to London. It was a worthwhile trip as well… … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Pot Luck Dinners and Pie Floaters

I have so many fond memories of pot-luck dinners during my years at Murdoch Uni and Uni SA. I was blessed to make friends with people from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, … Continue reading

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Fettuccine Marinara (Chilli infused fettuccine with mixed seafood and barbecued Kangaroo Island Marron)

One of the biggest compliments in my home cooking career is that of fettuccine marinara. When you prepare a dish, that so many people love, and so many people will choose to order in an Italian restaurant you are up … Continue reading

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