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Banoffee Pie

Nothing beat spontaneity. This was dessert for a random evening of drinking, hand made pasta with an 8 hour slow cooked lamb ragu. That was delicious. It didnt look exactly picture worthy, but this one did! How can you not … Continue reading

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Open Lasagne (Lasagna) with Scallops, Gravlax (Gravad Lax) and Salmon Roe (caviar), plus oysters, bugs and kipfler potato chips!

This is what we eat on an anniversary dinner at home. I can’t take much credit for the beautiful Coffin Bay Oysters, though I did cut up the lemon. We bought some slipper bug tails from Peel Fisheries and just … Continue reading

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Breakfast at La Camera Chapel St South Yarra Melbourne

We had a short trip in Melbourne just recently and had quite an enjoyable breakfast in South Yarra at La Camera. La Camera 446 Chapel St, South Yarra 3141 VIC Like many restaurants I am often inclined to rate it … Continue reading

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Lizards and Zucchini’s! My colourful vegie garden!

It had been a couple of days since I checked on my vegie patch because the mosquitos are so bad right now you can’t go out for more than 30 seconds without swarms attacking. I’ve never experienced anything like it… … Continue reading

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Figs! Blue Cheese! Creme Fraiche! Prosciutto! Does it get better than this???

So Monday was my birthday, and as Q does each year, she put on a magnificent spread of food for me. I wish she would do it more often. I’m going to only post one dish here now as a … Continue reading

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Bhut Jolokia on Toast with Tomato and Bocconcini No Real Recipe Required

Short post on this one… how much do you like the Guinness book of records hottest chilli in the world??? The bhut jolokia?? Well this one was the first off of my bhut jolokia plant for the year. I decided … Continue reading

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New posts and back on track

Good morning on this very hot day in Perth. Its hot hot hot outside, not the sort of weather that makes you want to spend too much time over a hot stove. I went out in the garden first thing … Continue reading

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