Lizards and Zucchini’s! My colourful vegie garden!

It had been a couple of days since I checked on my vegie patch because the mosquitos are so bad right now you can’t go out for more than 30 seconds without swarms attacking. I’ve never experienced anything like it… its horrible.

I thought I’d go check to make sure everything was still alive. Upon moving some leaves on a zucchini (courgette) bush to see whether I had some nice new zucchini’s growing I nearly came into contact with a skink! The skinks in our backyard are 1-2 foot lizards that I believe are harmless though you wouldn’t want to get bitten, it would make you pretty sick. The cheeky bugger was hanging out on top of one of my zucchini’s! How dare it! Right now zucchini’s are making my world. I’m going to post some zucchini recipes very soon. I’ve made some great zucchini fritters and I’d also like to make some zucchini bread and muffins, and also stuffed zuchini’s. Until then check out my little friend 😀

Its my zucchini!

Back off!

Evil eye!

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6 Responses to Lizards and Zucchini’s! My colourful vegie garden!

  1. Kelly says:

    Lizards are great for the garden. I have 2 blue tongues and they eat all the nasties. But also eat my spinach. Or should I say THEIR spinach!

  2. Thats so funny, we have a heap of these skinks plus bobtails and these other crazy little race horse lizards but they dont seem to bother eating anything. We know when they are around though because the dog starts doing backflips!! The only creature that is feasting currently is the damn mosquito! We cant even hand water because they are just so bad.

  3. Alisa says:

    Wow, that is big! I’d run screaming if I saw that in my garden 🙂

    • They are quite funny Alisa, they seem to slither and wobble like an awkward snake. They are mostly harmless but I had one decide to come in the house when I was putting some rubbish out. It turned on me after I tried to encourage it out with a broom… I had to be a little more assertive with it at that point. Needless to say, it found the door and scurried off. Its quite nice having national geographic in the backyard! Just happy those snakes stay away.

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  5. Chee Hui says:

    2nd pic looked like the lizard is smiling for your camera. : )

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