Bhut Jolokia on Toast with Tomato and Bocconcini No Real Recipe Required

Short post on this one… how much do you like the Guinness book of records hottest chilli in the world??? The bhut jolokia??

Well this one was the first off of my bhut jolokia plant for the year. I decided to do a simple open toasty. You might call it an open sandwich, you might call it bruschetta. Ill call it nasty! I toasted two pieces of pumpkin bread, put some bocconcini on so the tomato would stick, added the tomato, grilled that, added more bocconcini then some fresh purple basil from the garden… then… one whole bhut jolokia.

This was one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life. My body temperature skyrocketed so quickly I had to take a cold shower. Needless to say… I will do it again. My bush is bearing much fruit 😛 And still… its not as hot as my Trinidad Scorpions… Apologies for the average photo.

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2 Responses to Bhut Jolokia on Toast with Tomato and Bocconcini No Real Recipe Required

  1. Liz says:

    I can’t believe you are growing these! Look up on youtube some of the clips of people eating these and begging to be taken to hospital!

    My thai friend ate a whole one view here

    He was seeing double, shaking and talking all weird. It was pretty funny but he can eat VERY hot food and these chillis owned him.

    The trick is to drink Yakult afterwards apparently. It stops the ring sting :p

    • I know, there is possibly something really wrong with me 😛 The thing is, the Trinidad Scorpions im growing seems to be even hotter. I have heard this from other growers too. I can totally understand the hospital thing, its not that it burns your lips or your mouth or your stomach… you just get this feeling of being completely overwhelmed by heat. Scary, but exciting 😀

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