Stuck on what to make for Sunday brekky? How about a montrosity of a CLUB SANDWICH?

So I thought that before I get started on my sauces today i might as well make a decent breakfast. The thing I didn’t give consideration to was the fact that this breakfast was probably going to put me right back to bed. This is my barbecued club sanga. We bought some sourdough bread from a local place yesterday. The bread crumbled a little once toasted. I toasted it on the grill of the bbq. There just seemed to be nothing keeping the bread together. I used some chicken thigh fillets (more fat, more juice) 😛 I know, I know, I should be more health conscious but if you are going to have a club… do it properly! I used some beautiful bacon from Rumps Butcher in Meadow Springs. Fantastic butcher!

I picked a heap of mixed coloured baby spinach leaves from the garden which  was a nice colourful addition. The eggs were from over the neighbours place. They used to have a terrorist chook that would rampage through my vege patch but a fox got to it before I could get it on my Weber… lucky fox! There are now a few chooks there but they are kept locked up for the most part.

I used a homemade whole egg mayo AND here’s an exciting development, my beetroot relish that i made last night (with the help of Quin). I used some fantastic romano cheese from Borrello Cheese in Oakford, just off Thomas Rd. This is a great Italian cheese producer. I’m going to give them a plug here. The first time I went in there the lady didn’t seem all that interested in me, until i decided to buy a heap of cheese. Their provolone is fantastic, as is their ricotta but to be honest, I have bought a large selection of their stuff and its awesome. Go in there for tastings and buy up. It’s worth it. Here are their details.

Borrello Cheese
59 Rice Road, Oakford, 6121.
Phone: 08 9525 1232

A family owned and operated award winning cheese factory
Open:Monday-Friday 7.00am-3.00pm
Saturday 7.00am-1.00pm

Closed:Sunday and Public Holiday

So trying to keep it real and local, I have managed to construct this club sandwich that was so high you had to take a chunk from the bottom, then the top and so on. The mess we made was legendary. Quin was so overwhelmed she had to lie down poor darling.

The layers were slightly uneven, but to be honest, when it came down to eating it, it didn’t really matter at all, it was going to turn into a Pro Hart piece as soon as you bit into it. Oh and I didn’t mention the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Beautiful stuff we bought at Costa Degli Ulivi, the place we stayed at in Fumane, the Valpolicella wine region near Verona, Italy. This oil has a beautiful citrus hint with a heap of pepper on the end. I take shots of it, it’s so damn good.

I was going to add some avocado but forgot… but it didn’t matter. The sandwich was great. Here is another plug. The best club sandwich I have had out is Taste Food Store and Provisions:

Taste Food Store and Provisions

Shop 3, 16 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah, Western Australia, PH: 08 9535 6900,

A great couple from Melbourne with a great cafe menu and amazing prices. The coffee is also fantastic. Oh, and the views, its practically waterfront.
They catered a party for us earlier in the year and the guests absolutely loved the food.

Ok, its back to making sauces for me 😀

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4 Responses to Stuck on what to make for Sunday brekky? How about a montrosity of a CLUB SANDWICH?

  1. Mike Mate says:

    that looks awesome mate

  2. What, no action shot of you trying to eat this? I only hope you weren’t wearing white.

  3. Andrew says:

    Oh man I miss Borello, its about 5 min away from my parents house.

    I have many a fond memory of tucking in to a nice big block of peppercorn cheese.
    Methinks you have inspired me to go back 😀

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