Condiments, condiments, condiments….

So no photos to show here, especially of me at this hour. It’s now 2:13am and i think ive spent around 16 hours in the kitchen today… What i have managed to achieve, besides breakfast, lunch, dinner and essential caffeine, red wine, Cointreau and Kahlua top ups is:

  1. Tomato sauce (Ketchup)
  2. Sugo (ok half way there, im roasting ALL of my tomatoes, and I have about 24kg of them.
  3. Beetroot relish
  4. Orange marmalade
  5. Mixed citrus marmalade
  6. Fruit mince (I know, who in our generation even knows what this is???)
  7. Lemon curd, infused with vanilla beans
  8. Mustard Pickle (Another one for the pre-technology generations)

And this is going to go with my:

  1. Fig and ginger jam
  2. Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce
  3. Apricot Jam
  4. Banana and vanilla jam
  5. Eggplant kasundi
  6. Fig and chilli sauce

I reckon by the end of the weekend ill have made more varieties than Heinz… now to sell more than Heinz… there lies the challenge. Is it possible? Probably not. If my stuff is good enough its more likely I’d get bought out by them before i sell more than them.

A last minute thought. I cooked some scotch fillets on the bbq tonight with some royal blue potato, red peppercorn and bacon rostis. I served it with a little seeded mustard, only because clearly I didn’t have time to make another bloody sauce. I’ve made enough today! The meat was perfectly medium rare, i sliced and stacked on top of the rosti and we enjoyed with a Woodstock McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon. Sometimes the simplest meals are the most rewarding. I also have to give a shout out to Andrew at the Pinjarra Butcher. Mate, you are a champ, your meat is divine.

I hate too many words, i really want more photos here. I’m going to post one more thing, then its going to be more photos.

I hope you all have a great Sunday in Perth, and an awesome long weekend elsewhere.

So this picture is not even recent, but its me cutting up onions at a party we had in February… this is how I feel tonight!

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