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Sotong Kerabu (North Malaysian Squid Salad – EXTRA HOT)

Created by: Me I first had a Kerabu in Langkawi. We just got off the boat from Penang and found this outdoor restaurant. I saw green mango kerabu on the menu. I had never had this salad from North Malaysia. … Continue reading

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Duck breast stuffed with pear, dried cranberries, raisins and hazelnuts on saffron quinoa with slow roasted tomato and kohl rabi chips

Created by: Me Cuisine: French, Andes, German, Italian with a slight twist of Indonesian   This is a multicultural inspired dish and despite how complicated it sounds, it was actually quite easy. Stuffing the duck breasts is a simple procedure … Continue reading

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Stuck on what to make for Sunday brekky? How about a montrosity of a CLUB SANDWICH?

So I thought that before I get started on my sauces today i might as well make a decent breakfast. The thing I didn’t give consideration to was the fact that this breakfast was probably going to put me right … Continue reading

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Denne uken skal jeg lage pinnekjøtt! Jeg har bestillt lammekjøtt fra slakteren! In other words, I have ordered, from the butcher, the relevant cut of lamb to make pinnekjøtt! What the f$&*# is pinnekjøtt you might ask? Ok, well its … Continue reading

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Condiments, condiments, condiments….

So no photos to show here, especially of me at this hour. It’s now 2:13am and i think ive spent around 16 hours in the kitchen today… What i have managed to achieve, besides breakfast, lunch, dinner and essential caffeine, … Continue reading

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