Turkish Eggs from the Changa Restaurant in Istanbul, Eaten at the Providores and Tapa Room in London, then Recreated at Home!

Well after a fantastic Moroccan feast at our friend’s place last week and a few bottles of plonk it was only appropriate to cook a proper Sunday breakfast. I was inspired by a dish we had a The Providores and Tapa Room a couple of weeks ago. The Providores and Tapa Room is located on 109 Marylebone High Street, London. It was a place recommended by a friend living in London as a interesting breakfast venue. Quin had the Turkish Eggs from the Changa restaurant in Istanbul, a restaurant that the owner of the Providores and Tapa room has an interest in, I believe. This was a delightful surprise. Two poached eggs on top of some whipped yoghurt with chilli butter. I had the Roast Stornoway black-pudding with roast apple and  slow roasted tomatoes which was delicious.

Turkish Eggs at the Providores and Tapa Room

Mmmmm good coffee!!!

Roast Stornoway Black-Pudding with Roast Apple and  Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Our table

So I was inspired to recreate the Turkish Eggs. The black pudding will have to wait. Quin was still sleeping so I didn’t want to wake her up by whipping yoghurt so I didn’t whip it. I placed the yogurt and some garlic in a Tupperware Quick Chef and mixed it through. The yoghurt was Jalna organic yoghurt so its nicely sour and has a great consistency already. Once I finished with that I heated the yogurt slightly in the oven just so the yogurt wouldn’t be cold (we prefer it this way).

In a pan I melted down some butter with some dried chillies from my garden that I crushed up plus some sweet paprika powder and smoked pimenton powder from “The Grocer”. I let this infuse on a very low heat for about 15 minutes. I wanted the beautiful red colour to come out in the butter. I then strained this with a metal strainer as I didn’t want all of the textured stuff. By this stage the smoked pimenton was coming through and the aroma was divine. I sat the butter in a dish until ready to use. I then added a quarter of a teaspoon of white sugar and a little salt to it as well, as there was some slight bitterness in the chilli. This is optional.

I poached my eggs in the frying pan with some vinegar. They were all nicely runny.

At the same time I had some beautiful dark rye toasting and I drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil on it that I bought from Costa Degli Ulivi, a wonderful place we stayed at in Fumane, the Valpolicella wine region about 20 mins from Verona in Italy. A wonderful, wonderful place! Read my other entries to come on this one!!!

I then placed the poached eggs on top of the yogurt and they sunk in a little then drizzled the beautiful hot chilli butter over the top. I garnished with some fresh parsley from the garden and a little more dried chilli.

We had knives and forks ready but I don’t know why. We simply picked up the bread, dunked in and ate the delicious egg, yoghurt and chilli butter mix. It might sound bizarre but this dish is a true winner! I cant wait to cook this one again. Ive practically inserted the recipe into this entry though will write it up separately. If you want to give it a try and need some clarification let me know.

Happy breakfast!

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5 Responses to Turkish Eggs from the Changa Restaurant in Istanbul, Eaten at the Providores and Tapa Room in London, then Recreated at Home!

  1. Quin says:

    Yummmm!!!! Was almost as good as the real thing! Would have been as good if I had a heart on my coffee… 😉

  2. When I read “Turkish Eggs” I assumed it would one of those baked egg dishes, but this is something I haven’t come across before! Excellent idea, especially for a yoghurt lover such as myself.

    What type of bread is that?

    • I know, this was a complete suprise to us too! Im the kind of person who usually orders the most obscure thing on the menu OR the classic item that i hope and pray will be true to its traditions. Quin had this one and it was magnificent. At the Tapa Room we had sour dough. My homemade version was with Burgen Dark Rye. You have to heat the yogurt a little though otherwise the chilli of the yogurt is a little funky with the runny hot butter and warm poached eggs… Im salivating at the thought. I wonder how this will come up for dinner 😛

  3. Murat Seckin says:

    This is a truely amazing account of a breakfast and the way you present the preperation is wonderful. Actually the dish is called “chilbir” in Turkish and is eaten as part of a dinner. Peter Gordon makes it a breakfast dish is ingenious, though. But I love the way you describe your ingredients and especially the way you’ve prepared your chilli sauce.

    • Hi Murat,

      Thanks for the comments. Yes, we also thought it was ingenious, the eggs were divine! Its one of those dishes where you dont know how authentic it actually is… but you really dont care when it tastes that good! For a slightly different version, and not for the faint hearted, you could use habanero chillies or hotter for the butter… would need some extra yoghurt on hand though 😛

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