More about the relationship I have with food

I’m keen to let you know what I like. Perhaps this will help to create a connection between us. Well I can tell you one thing I don’t like, LICORICE! It’s one of the only things I just won’t eat. I’m not sure why, the flavour just isn’t my thing. Here’s a few more thinks about me in relation to food, cooking and wine.

Favourite cuisine: This is a really hard one and in a way I find it difficult to say that there is a cuisine I like specifically more than another. My biggest influences would be French, Italian, Spanish, Malaysian/Singaporean, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Indian. I guess I would also say British given my heritage.

Most cooked cuisine: Probably Asian fusion. I say fusion because I often work on what’s in the fridge, the freezer, the garden and the river so it’s hard to use traditional recipes.

My favourite dish that I cook: It’s a toss-up between Venison Wellington with Foie Gras and a Swedish lingonberry jus or my Baked Bream (caught from the river in front of our house) with home grown potato chips with home grown and homemade chilli sauce. There is something very rewarding in this dish. This is also a new dish, I didn’t always have the river out the front!

Quin’s favourite dish of mine: It would have to be my pappardelle with lamb shank ragu. She adores this one.

My parent’s favourite dish of mine: Fettuccine Marinara (Chilli infused fettuccine with mixed seafood and barbecued Lobster or Marron).

My old housemate’s favourite dish of mine: It has to be Malaysian Rendang Kangaroo. I know this because when I’d simmer it down in the pot they would stand around the pot eating it before it was ready. There were seldom leftovers of this one.

My favourite dish that Quin makes: Hainanese Chicken Rice. I have never had better. She doesn’t cook much but when she cooks this, it’s Christmas all over again.

Favourite dishes eaten in another country: Salmon Roulade at Blå Dörren, Södermalmstorg 6, 116 45 Stockholm, Le pavé de veau de l’Aveyron, sauce foie gras et Aligot (Veal in a foie gras sauce with Aligot, mashed potatoes Auvergnate style), at Auberge du Clou, 30, avenue de Trudaine, 75009 Paris. I’m going to update and add to this as my memory refreshes!

Favourite Fruit: Mango or Pink Dragon Fruit

Favourite Meat: It’s a tie between lamb and duck. I also love to cook kangaroo.

Favourite Fish: Salmon

Favourite Vegetable: Aubergine

Favourite chilli: Fatalii

Favourite Salad: Malaysian Kerabu. So sour, so crunchy and so damn hot!

Favourite Curry: Rendang

Favourite Red Wine: Shiraz (McLaren Vale)

Favourite White Wine: Depends on what it’s going with. I love a good Chardonnay.

Favourite Beer: Coopers Pale Ale

Let me know what you like!

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3 Responses to More about the relationship I have with food

  1. Idar says:

    Mmmmm, Malaysian Rendang Kangaroo. Good times!

  2. Mike Mate says:

    Can we get an old fashioned Chili Mussels recipe on here? And how about that Kangaroo tail curry you threw down before we did the Saki Bombs (Ed loved those)? Oh, and the time we drank Coopers Best Extra Stout at the Davlac Tavern until we couldn’t walk? Those times were the best!

    • Mike, i reckon its my duty to put a recipe for chilli mussels on there. I have some photos of a crazy batch of chilli mussels I made when i was staying with some friends in Bergen, Norway. Ill definitely put one up soon. Im sure at some stage I can also work up a kangaroo curry to add to the site. You have me reminiscing on some fun times mate!

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