Welcome to Stars and Cloves, Mark Owen’s Blog for the Senses

Hi there,

Welcome to the world of Stars and Cloves, and welcome to my blog. I am going to write about all things food and cooking, from my experiences and my perspective. Please enjoy reading about my adventures in the kitchen (or at the bbq), cooking, eating, gardening, traveling, drinking, as well as my opinions on all of these great things. For the first week or so I am going to put up a lot of new posts, reviewing, retrospectively many of the great food experiences I have had over the years.

Please know that I am not a professional writer. I will try my best to inspire and excite you with my stories and my experiences of trial and error in the kitchen. I will start by reviewing some great meals I have eaten here in Australia or overseas, and also discuss quite a few dishes that I have made myself. I’ll also post some recipes so you can try them too.


Mark Owen

Venice, Italy, 2010

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2 Responses to Welcome to Stars and Cloves, Mark Owen’s Blog for the Senses

  1. Mike Mate says:

    Lookin good Mate! I wish I was there drinkin that wine with you! Can’t wait to see you next summer

  2. Evita says:

    hi mark! congrats! looks cool! looking forward to chat with you soon! see ya!

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